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Add Ported Device Suggestions

Issue 1:

We are seeing issue when we select the Site on the top-right in Customer Admin Portal, it's not automatically selecting the site we picked on the Add Ported Device page.

This works fine on all other pages once I selected the site but not on Add Ported Device page.

When adding phones, I have to keep picking the site over and over again adding a lot of time if having to adding a lot of devices.

See Attachment, TAC advised to file this as a new suggestion since it wouldn't be a bug/issue.

Issue 2:

On the former My Site admin page, when adding new devices on the customer admin portal it would keep the Add Device page open so we can just keep adding multiple devices over and over again. On the Customer Admin Portal the Add Ported Device page disappears after adding a device.

Suggestion is to keep this page open like the old My Site Portal did so I can keep adding devices over and over again till I'm done which I can hit cancel once I'm done. If I have to add 5 devices for example where it would be quicker if this was the behavior instead of uploading the CSV file that would take longer to do.



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  • Aug 23 2021