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Virtual or Remote Touch 10 Control

We have been doing macro and UI development to create a simplified user experience when connecting to third-party meeting platforms. While development can be done using a local, off network endpoint, testing requires it be conducted on-site, on the same network, and have physical access to the Touch 10 associated with the endpoint used for testing.

Adding a virtual Touch 10 interface or remote Touch 10 control serves two purposes: 1) it will enable the developer to conduct remote testing, avoiding the potential to COVID exposure being on-site; 2) once customers return to the physical workspace, it will better support contactless joining of third-party meeting platforms in the post-COVID environment.

  • Mike Labuda
  • Aug 30 2021
  • Adam Trenkler commented
    13 Feb, 2023 11:48pm

    i see more problems… not all of the built in buttons of touch panel have commands in api. This way we are unable to take ui screenshots and make instruction manuals for users. This simple thing makes us to work on site AT client HQ or have someone to touch the panel while we are taking ui screenshots.

    This is a bit of headake. Really built in buttons should have api commands to touch them remotely

  • Guest commented
    9 Jan, 2023 03:10pm

    I would personally find this very useful. I support all off our High Level in house Video Conferences. And i would like this feature to be able to remotely click "share to Screen" on the touch panel. Whilst it is Easy for users in the room to do so once there laptop is connected. There has been many times where we have had back to back meetings and instructions have not been able to be provided to users within the room. Alot of Externals to the company normally come in, plug their laptop in and assume it is instantly shared over their video conference. Having a remote Touch 10 would assist so much in making the Video conference experience smoother for users in the room.

  • Brian Hanks commented
    8 Jul, 2022 02:13pm

    I see 2 other ideas have been submitted for this same functionality since Aug 2021.