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Webex - Notification for new voice mail in multiple voice mail boxes

Webex - Notification for new voice mail in multiple voice mail boxes

The Webex soft phone supports multiple lines. Many times more than one of those lines has a voice mail box, and when a voice mail arrives on a line that is not the primary line, there is no notification of that new message displayed. This is something Cisco physical phones have done for some time (flashing envelope next to the text label).

It would be nice if Webex either (1) allowed you to log into additional voicemail boxes so you could have visual voice mail for all of your voice mail boxes, or (2) have some sort of display so that you would be alerted to check your other voicemail boxes like the physical phones do.

Note: this is very similar to WXCUST-I-1539 submitted by Troy Miller which was marked as "Not likely to implement". I'm hoping that since Webex is Cisco's go-forward platform for soft phone development this can be considered for Webex. We have hundreds of users who have voice mail on multiple lines.

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  • Sep 1 2021