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Call Blocking in self care portal

Currently we only have the ability to block a call if you have a 88XX series phones via a softkey. However, ideally we want the feature to be accessible beyond telephone sets; it would be better to have it available via the Self Care Portal so that a user doesn’t have to be sitting next to his/her phone in order to edit the blocked numbers list.

  • Don Stroud
  • Sep 2 2021
  • Guest commented
    22 Jul, 2022 05:21pm

    I was just revisiting this as I am still getting requests constantly for a call blocking feature at a user level. Any update when something like this might be possible?

  • Michael Hansen commented
    2 Sep, 2021 06:13pm

    We frequently get requests for this from our end users and always have to tell them that it is not possible. Adding this feature would be huge and be a driving factor in our upgrade plans.

  • Julian Koh commented
    2 Sep, 2021 05:32pm

    Individual user-level control of blocked calls in the self care portal would be a great first step. Ideally a user would be able to do simple and complex call routing based on the calling number. A great example of this was the Nortel Personal Agent feature set that was provided with the CS2100 switch. Users had the ability to set up simultaneous/sequential ringing (not just the simultaneous ringing in Single Number Reach), time of day logic, and call forwarding all based on the incoming calling number. So it was very easy (relatively speaking - the UI in Personal Agent was.....suboptimal shall we say even in the mid-2000's :) ) to be able to configure things like:

    -If my boss calls, ring my desk phone, my soft client, my cell phone, and my home phone sequentially between the hours of 7am-7pm

    -If numbers on a specified list call, ring all my devices simultaneously 24x7

    -If it's an unknown number or a number on a specified list of numbers, send immediately to voicemail 24x7

    -if the number contains a specific string of digits, ring my desk phone and my soft client only within business hours

    If we had to prioritize, blocking or sending calls from a list of numbers would be the top request, since now we can only easily implement global blocks for the entire system, and one person's spam calls are another person's valuable sales leads.