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Content share permissions between Webex for Broadworks Standard and Premium licenses should be the same.


in Webex for BW Premium licenses during a meeting anyone can share their screen at any time.

The same is true for any space meeting, and also 1:1 calls.

This functionality should also be included with the Webex for BW standard licenses, at the moment the presenter role has to be "passed" to another user, or they have to ask for it.

It is not enough of a differentiator to make customers upgrade from standard. If anything it causes confusion within businesses and Webex users.

When a business has a mixed estate of both standard and premium licenses then the question is asked why can the users not just share when in a standard meeting and then makes them think there is a problem with Webex. This then creates support calls and creates a poor customer experience.

Please look to include in the standard license.

  • Ed Thrussell
  • Sep 14 2021
  • Ed Thrussell commented
    6 Jan, 2022 09:17am

    This is becoming a bigger complaint now, where users have a mixed estate of licenses there is confusion as to why it works one way for some users, and another way for others.

    It is making the app look poor from a UX experience, especially when compare to other similar apps in the market.

  • Guest commented
    16 Nov, 2021 11:40pm

    ok, I have been looking how to get rid of this stupid "assign user as presenter". Didn't know it was a licensed feature. So yes, please get rid of it.

  • David Sarvai commented
    14 Sep, 2021 11:55am

    The difference in functionality is more of a "Security" concern than a licensable feature based on business/premium. I would think that both business/premium users would want users to ask permission to share before allowing everyone to see what goes on the screen. The functional code toggle should have a frontend setting within webex to allow participants to auto-sharing content without asking permission. This would level the functionality between both license types. If Cisco wants to continue to differentiate this functionality, then for security reasons, the button should be added keeping default functinoality the same unless the premium feature is enabled to allow auto-share.