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Ability to control Webex app Auto Update on physical computers per Users or specific Computers and not entire Org

There are certain use cases that have Webex app integrating with different applications and workflows. Example, Contact Center users that're using physical computers would benefit from a bimonthly or quarterly release cycle where the organization Admin can control or push out via MSI and install for all users at computer context and to prevent the app from updating at user context at each new release. The new releases validated internally by the Org and against existing integrations and workflows can be pushed out and managed by the Org Admins to ensure integrations and workflows aren't negatively impacted.

Similar to Cisco Jabber app Administration and the ability to suppress Webex auto update via AutoUpgradeEnabled and EnableVDI flags of Webex app on VDIs without having to leverage the Control Hub admin toggle that would defer or post-pone updates to the entire organization.

This would allow a single version that's managed and setup to maintain reliable customer service, ensuring stability and minimize the variables when/if issues do occur and trying to determine whether issue is specific to a Webex GA release.

  • Kevin Ho
  • Sep 14 2021
  • Planned
  • Kevin Ho commented
    19 Oct, 2021 02:08am

    Hi Cisco/Manali,

    Thanks for the comment but not sure if what's planned for December 2021 under Webex App product update controls are moving will address this Idea. The ability to postpone Webex App updates already exists today (up to 3 months) but this applies to the entire Org. With the change in December, that is labeling this now as 'Slow' and did notice this bullet -

    • Administrators will be able to configure specific users to always receive the latest automatic updates from Cisco, regardless of the organization configuration.

    Can we confirm Administrators would be able to configure specific users to always receive the Slow (quarterly) automatic updates instead, while keeping the rest of the Org on Latest (monthly)?

  • Manali Dongre commented
    5 Oct, 2021 09:20pm

    We are planning to bring the concept of Slow Channel to Webex. It is based on approval and we will have a beta. So if you are interested please reach out via your CSM.

  • Guest commented
    15 Sep, 2021 12:52pm

    In large enterprise deployments, it's critical to provide a controlled, stable version of the Webex app deployed.