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Show "Active" in the Route Detail column on Route Plan Report when DN has Active selected

Show a related record label "Active" in the Route Detail column of the Route Plan Report for Type: Directory Number (s) that have the Active checkbox set on their respective Directory Number page, but do not have an associated device attached.

The existing search function in Route Plan Report allows you to Find (drop down) "Unassigned DN" and further use the set of resulting records to Delete any DNs that are "Unassigned" (not associated with a Device, i.e. the resulting Route Detail column is blank).

Unfortunately, this can result in admins inadvertently deleting Directory Numbers from this page that are "Active" tagged on the Directory Number page -- usually for a redirection (Forward) of the Directory Number to another destination, or to a standalone Unity voice-mail box.

There is a workaround to prevent this inadvertent deletion which is to create a CTI Route Point or CTI Port and associated it with the Directory Number. Then the CTI RP or CTI Port will show in the Route Detail column and that DN will not be found in the "Unassigned DN" search profile.

A solution for this to include "Active" Directory Numbers in the list excluded from this "Unassigned DN" list would be to either:

(1) Include programmatically in the Route Plan Report search to populate a string value, say "Active" in the Route Detail column when the pattern row type is Directory Number and the Active flag is set on the Directory Number page (i.e. numplan.iscallable='t') and omit these rows from the Find "Unassigned DN" search in Route Plan Report.

(2) Create a linked table for the existing iscallable field in table numplan and replace with a foreign key, say fkdnactive to new table dnactive, which prevents deletion of the numplan pattern when tied to this linked table.

(3) Create a record in existing table devicenumplanmap, setting fkdevice to a single hard-coded, systemic GUID that represents this "Active, but no associated Devices" state. Program logic would likely need to remove this link when one or more Devices ARE associated with the DN, similar to how a current rule sets numplan.iscallable='t' when a device is associated to the line in devicenumplanmap.

Side note.

There does not seem to be a well fitting category in these feature request forms for Collaboration / Call Manager since it was moved into the "Webex" purview, other than "Calling".

Unified Communications Manager, Unity Connection, Emergency Responder, Session Manager, is a complex and well established on-site deployment product and needs to be supported as such and not just dumped into the "Webex" business unit. Who from the Collaboration product team is monitoring these "Webex" feature requests when it has nothing to do with Webex? :-(

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  • Sep 16 2021