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Email address/login account should not be case sensitive

At the moment the login id for Webex is case sensitive, this can be a major pain for users.

When they are logging in to the app a user may not be aware that they have to enter an uppercase character to get in to the app.

The problem here is that this causes unnecessary support calls/tickets.

Even if it could be smart enough to suggest that there is a similar email address in use before it goes off and then adds a free consumer account in Webex.

To explain the flow:

BW User id: (i.e. assume we have done lower case provisioning on BW user ids):

Webex email in CI:

Alternate id on BW:

Then the user opens the app:

1) Customer enters at first screen:

2) Webex Auth passes

3) Second login screen: (get userprofile):

Joe.bloggs@bloggs.comis prefilled for user and sent with password to BW

4) Auth fails on BW, because it was provisioned with lower case.

  • Ed Thrussell
  • Sep 17 2021
  • Ned Stankus commented
    17 Feb, 2023 08:08pm

    Webex's identity system is not case-sensitive. Could this be an issue on the Broadworks side?

  • Guest commented
    20 Sep, 2021 11:51am

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