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Allow bwcli prompt customisation, e.g. to include node/hostname, etc

Many BroadWorks customers would likely have multiple instances of the same machine/role type, when working in a bunch of terminal windows it would be awfully useful to be able to see the hostname within the bwcli prompt, instead of needing to run an external command to remind you which host you are working on.

e.g. If I have 15 Application Server Clusters, or a farm of 5 Network Servers, or just two Media Servers, sometime it would be helpful to immediately have a way to see where I am.

Current prompt: AS_CLI/Maintenance/Patching>


AS_CLI/Maintenance/Patching> !hostname

Proposal would be to allow for a bwcli session to have changes applied either via config set and/or via properties, to allow for the prompt to be customised.




(mdburvcbwas02a) AS_CLI/Maintenance/Patching> 

(e.g. let the end user configure like, like PS1 in ksh/bash/etc)

Not requesting this be a mandatory/fixed format change, as I expect there would be significant backwards compatibility issues for automation/scripting based environments expecting the prompt to be a specific format.

But it would be very useful if end-users could have the prompt modified to cater.


  • Andrew Bergman
  • Sep 21 2021