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Add HDMI input port on/near the touch panel for presentation sources.

Either add an HDMI input on a new version of the Cisco Touch panel (i.e. Navigator 2.0) or a small box could sit between the codec and the current touch panels and have an HDMI input on it. It could leverage the ethernet cable and connection already in place to the current touch panel. A 2nd shorter ethernet could then run from this box to the touch panel.

This would enable us to no longer depend on 3rd party ethernet based HDMI content extenders for physical presentation sources. Installers rarely run a physical HDMI cable from the codec to the conference table which is why they end up using a 3rd party HDMI to ethernet Transmitter Receiver setup. This is due to needing to run longer runs than the HDMI spec allows for or not being able to fit the head of the HDMI cable through the conduit.

We understand that Cisco Proximity is one alternative that is being evaluated currently at our company. However, Proximity is not always possible due to some room's acoustics causing issue for the ultrasound and also not every device has access to the network or the proximity application. This will become even more challenging if we move our endpoints to a dedicated VLAN. Therefore, a physical HDMI input will still be needed.

  • Brian Hanks
  • Sep 21 2021
  • Adam Trenkler commented
    13 Feb, 2023 11:24pm

    I am with Brian AT this one…

    it makes perfect sense to add aditional HDMI in port in to the touch panel.

    first of all we the customers have issues with long hdmi cables or 3rd party transmitters/receivers. Sometimes 7meters hdmi is to long…

    than comes laptops with energy savings cutting power AT the HDMI out port that makes the problem worse.

    replacing hdmi cables is not easy under the Floors and in walls. Ethernet is easier.

    3rd party transmitters receivers are not cheap or need aditional power suply… ends disconnected, not working… or just troublesome

    In bigger rooms we use more than one hdmi presetation port so this way we need some hdmi switch or Video matrix and we add cisco touch panels for users to be able to manage presetation switching. Than with Video matrix comes problems with HDCP!!!!

    90% of a time person that is managing the meeting is the one that Presents content. Again that one need the touch panel…

    hdmi is still needed - many times the wireless methods are not accesible for guests AT enterprise levels due to security reasons not letting outside PC to internal LAN and for multimedia content sharing.

    Clean and simplify the installation and use of Webex room devices, reduce the amount of issues with sharing, taking user experience to another level

    All theese above makes perfect sense to ad the additional HDMI IN port into touch panel transmitt the content thru ethernet cable.

  • Frank den Haan commented
    22 Sep, 2021 07:24pm

    100% agree. This would be great to have.