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Allow Outlook presence integration when running an elevated process

Webex presence integration with Outlook when either one or both processes are running as elevated currently does not work. MS Teams/Skype do not have this limitation. Can we get this feature implemented for Webex while running as an elevated process?

The scenario is that we have several legacy applications that do not function properly without User Account Control disabled AND the user as a local admin. This combination of settings results in user processes running as elevated and Webex presence to not function for the user.

  • Shaun
  • Sep 28 2021
  • Need more info
  • Shaun commented
    8 Oct, 2021 03:27pm

    What additional info is needed here?

    Current documentation states "If either or both Outlook for Windows and the Webex App is running in elevated mode, Outlook won't show Webex App user status." In Microsoft Windows, the combination of having User Account Control disabled (i.e., set to the lowest setting) AND the user being a local administrator causes all user processes to run in elevated mode. Which means that Webex/Outlook presence information does not function. Under the same combination of settings, neither Skype or MS Teams has this limitation so it stands to reason that Webex can also accomplish presence integration with elevated processes. TAC was able to confirm this during case 692219703 but was unable to provide documentation of why this is the situation, only that it does not work.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Set Windows User Account Control to lowest setting/disabled

    2. Be a local Administrator on the system

    3. Reboot

    4. Open Outlook and Webex

    5. To confirm elevated process, open Task Manager and add the column "Elevated" to the Details tab, you will see "Yes" for Outlook, Webex, and any other user processes (Calculator, Notepad, etc.)

    6. Attempt to enable Outlook integration in Webex. A failure message is received.

    Following the same steps for Skype or MS Teams results in successful presence integration. Legacy in-house developed applications require some users to have UAC disabled and run as a local administrator for them to function. But these same users would also benefit from the Webex/Outlook presence integration that they were used to seeing under Skype before our migration to Webex.