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Share application needs improvement in WebEx Meetings.

When sharing the application in the meeting and we restore it down to have the internal notes invisible to the attendees, they see the application as a small screen in the entire main screen and the rest of the screen is grayed out.

The customer is reporting that it is suitable to have the application is taking up the full screen from the attendees's view.

Video shared from the customer:

  • Mohammad Ibrahim Khalaf Aldrabkih
  • Sep 30 2021
  • Planned
  • Gautam Gupta commented
    6 Oct, 2021 04:10pm

    Planned for Q1CY22

  • Andrei Goga commented
    4 Oct, 2021 11:25am

    The request does describe correctly the problem: Even though you only select to Share one application (which is NOT maximized), Webex shares the Entire screen, but it blanks-out everything except the non-maximized window of the shared application. So then the viewers see a big gray screen with a small window of the shared app in a corner... when you use the same functionality in Zoom or Teams, the participants only see the window of the shared app, with no gray areas for the whole screen...

    This is VERY useful when doing Demos, where you have a Large screen monitor (like a 52in for example), and you want to have side by side your notes, and the window that you're sharing (containing the demo)... Maximizing the Shared app is not an option, because it will cover your notes... I don't want to use multiple monitors, that's why I got a wide, large screen monitor with a very large resolution...

    In essence, Webex ALWAYS seems to share the entire screen, blanking out the areas that you don't want shared... instead of ONLY displaying what is shared... (without the blanked out areas...).

    Fixing this will help A LOT of instructors/presenters/trainers/students/etc. etc.

    Thank you!

    PS. if you select Multiple Applications, the same thing happens... if you overlap your shared apps, so you can Alt-Tab between them, so you show only one at a time, if they're NOT maximized, then you see the area of your Whole screen grayed out (except, of course, what's covered by your shared apps).