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Features for education connector with LMS


Here are some of our outstanding requests. Some of them are very obvious, and others are important features. Also, a more rigorous testing before release of new LTI connector is needed.

*In Educonnector listing/calendar the ability to delete a specific session without touching the rest of series (Eg. a long weekend Monday session should be deleted)

*The ability to delete a session or series without deleting its recordings. This is necessary for canceled or in error sessions. But we still want its recordings to remain in the LMS

*Adding more options under Edit in LMS. Eg. Adding co-shot/TA, etc.

*Under Analytics, the recording report doesn't have much information about who attend the class or who watched the recording

* For the built in Office Hours, they should be able to book as little as 5min, rarely visits last 15min. Or so be in such a way that students can be directed to the lobby room and let in one after the other. That is how a real office hours is, and that is how we use a normal meeting room. We lock it and let people go to the lobby room, and be let out one by one.

We use Desire to Learn


U of Waterloo

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  • Oct 1 2021
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    5 Oct, 2021 07:58pm

    Yeah, there is a long way to go for the education connector.