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Hear a call coming on Headset with Yealink

(Webex Callling Carrier - Broadcloud)

Change the initial configuration sent by Broadcloud to Yealink phones, so the headset can ring.


See trouble ticket for reference: SR 692218064 .

TAC team indicates the design must change for permanent solution applicable to any customer.


The new Yealink T5X or T5XW range act as a replacement for the older T4X models which are out of production at Yealink. On the platforms, the compatible models are the T53W, T54W and T58W and the connection of the headphones is now done with USB modules.
No alert is sent to the headset when a headset is used with the phone.
So it is impossible for the employee to hear a call coming in through his headset.

Current Status

The Current configuration does not have a Custom Tag generated.

#It configures the ringer device for the phone in the headset mode.
#0-Use Speaker 1-Use Headset 2-Use Headset & Speaker
#The default value is 0.
features.ringer_device.is_use_headset =

So BU need to be involved in order to know if the custom tag can be created to match the desired configuration

Action Plan

Ask for a MAC in the customer´s environment to know what is the current configuration on the devices.
If the Custom tag is created, set the value.
If it is not created then escalate to know if it can be supported.
Eng team informed that the request should come from a Feature Request, the product is working as designed and an enhancement must be requested.

  • Martin Lefrancois
  • Oct 4 2021