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Support `ToggleVisibility` schema spec from AdaptiveCard spec EQUALLY across platforms


AdaptiveCard spec 1.2 is implemented which contains ToggleVisibility as an action a button can do. This action is not consistently and dependably implemented across Mac/PC OSes or on mobile devices


Consistent implementation of this feature across all devices.


A recent change made by Microsoft changed the behavior of input value submission. Now, input values from nested cards are not submitted when the submission action occurs from the parent card.


This has DRAMATICALLY reduced the power and flexibility of card based UIs and results in MUCH greater UX friction for the end-user. This means that card-base UIs surface from service integrations into Webex would need to be simplified to the point where they add less value and end-user appeal than they otherwise would have.


A profile configuration screen for a bot. Show the users the options they have already chosen, but then hide away, behind a button toggle, additional (multi-select) options they can choose from to ADD to their profile. This makes the UI compact, rich, and efficient for the user. Currently, if I implement this via ShowCard, the additional input values aren't submitted. If I implement this with ToggleVisibility, PC users can't see the option and the rendering on mobile is terrible.

  • Chuck Shipman
  • Oct 12 2021