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Integrate WebEx Teams with Outlook to show status and be able to chat from Outlook

We currently have this functionality with Skype & Outlook. It would be very helpful to continue it with WebEx teams once Skype is sunset.

  • Matt Leitheiser
  • Jul 7 2020
  • Shipped
  • jhon imdad commented
    28 Aug, 2021 09:53am

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  • Guest commented
    24 Aug, 2021 02:34am

    We are currently seeing the same issue Randle Rivers mentioned, where we are deploying with SCCM and users are being prompted from admin rights or given an error box when trying to check the box. If I install the app when granted admin right I can toggle presence on/off at will as expected. What needs done to overcome the admin rights request? We are a paid/licensed customer, but seems we are having free behavior according to their guide.

  • Tim Minner commented
    3 Jun, 2021 02:51pm

    I'm sorry to say but this integration only half works. WebEx (formerly WebEx Teams) will not automatically change your availability based on your Outlook Calendar, only based on your current WebEx meeting. For example if you block out time in your Outlook Calendar and Show as "Busy", WebEx will still show you as "Active" where Skype for Business would show the correct availability. WebEx will only show you as in a meeting if you are in a WebEx meeting. As the original poster said, this would be very helpful to us as well.

  • Admin
    Manali Dongre commented
    1 Jun, 2021 08:19pm
  • Randle Rivers commented
    13 May, 2021 01:57pm

    well we can do it now it seems but you need admin creds to check the checkbox in webex...

  • Ben Laakso commented
    19 Apr, 2021 04:54pm

    Could I also request that if a user is in an Outlook meeting, but they're not using the Webex client (face to face, cell phone instead, etc), that an inbound call still get the same treatment, as if they're using Webex (ie: calls are muted, or single beep, instead of continuous ringing).

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2021 02:16pm

    We would also need this feature

  • Gebhard Löhnert commented
    15 Feb, 2021 05:38pm

    Would be very important!!!

  • Greg Jacobson commented
    1 Feb, 2021 01:23pm

    There are definitely some feature enhancements using different applications that integrate Outlook and Webex Messaging. One app to look at is the Microsoft Power Automate for Webex.

  • Guest commented
    5 Jan, 2021 12:35am

    Yes we need this feature! Cisco

  • Guest commented
    30 Dec, 2020 11:15am


  • Guest commented
    17 Dec, 2020 10:57pm

    Would it not makes sense to piggyback the presence integration into the productivity tools application already in use?

  • Juan Carlos Espinoza Rivera commented
    17 Dec, 2020 06:16am

    it would be excellent

  • David Porter commented
    21 Aug, 2020 06:59pm

    This is taking WAY too long to deploy. This is completely annoying and a hindernece to productivity.

  • Mary Yarborough commented
    20 Aug, 2020 02:28pm

    I did as the article instructed and it did not work.

  • Clemens Klune commented
    28 Jul, 2020 03:46pm
  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2020 03:25am

    759 fake upvotes! Come on Cisco.

  • Johanna Grignafini commented
    15 Jul, 2020 02:20pm


  • Guest commented
    10 Jul, 2020 11:33am

    I do support the idea, but this Help-Center-Article indicates, that this feature is already available.... somehow:

  • Guest commented
    8 Jul, 2020 06:06pm

    This was a big feature when we used Skype! It's a must have

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