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Multi-person chat capability

For ad hoc chats with more than 2 individuals, it would be great to have the ability to add others to your chat session (rather than schedule a session or create a group).

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  • Jul 7 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Seth Packham commented
    12 Oct, 2023 06:21pm

    This should be combined and implemented together with this item, which is in "planned" state:

    A multi-person direct chat thread is a core and missing feature from Webex. I feel the pain almost every day when I want to have ad-hoc conversations with miscellaneous small groups of people.

    This other item is also very similar about having multi-person DMs.

  • Seth Packham commented
    3 May, 2023 01:47pm

    Yes, this is a must-have feature to quickly message multiple people in an adhoc way. This is a major feature of Slack. The conversations show up in the list of Direct Messages. It is cumbersome and unnecessary to create a named Space for this kind of adhoc conversation, which is more about the people than the topic.

  • NOLAN commented
    1 Dec, 2022 05:25pm
    To add to this Via the search bar select multiple people and create a space (group message) with the default name being the peoples first names. Creating a quick space (group message) on the fly in one step would be far more efficient. If I want to create a more formal space I'll create a space (group message)
  • Venkata Giri Repaka commented
    10 Sep, 2021 03:53am

    Just to have one group call, it will be easier rather than creating a new space

  • Nathaniel Mulvihill commented
    9 Jun, 2021 09:21pm

    wouldn't you just create a new space and leave the space when you are finished with that conversation ? seems like it might be a little redundant and over complicated to add "adhoc" group chats

  • Scott Bosarge commented
    7 Jul, 2020 06:50pm

    This should be combined with

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