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Update meeting invitation template to easily identify a meeting is E2E Encrypted

Because there are so many reasons why someone cannot join an e2e encrypted meeting and it also is difficult to find out if a meeting is planned to be e2e-encrypted, we need invitation mail templates exclusively for e2e encrypted meetings. In that templates we want to make it very clear for our users what they have to expect and consider if they use e2e encrypted meetings. And we don't want to add the information to our other customised invitations.

  • Guest
  • Nov 9 2021
  • Future consideration
  • May 25, 2022

    Admin response

    We agree that we need to make a change to the meeting invitation template when the meeting is End-to-End Encrypted.

    We should add a moniker that the meeting is End-to-End Encrypted. The video address section should only refer to Webex registered devices & clients Instead of general Video Systems and Video Soft Clients. We will still show the Video Address as it will be useful to dial into the meeting from a cloud-registered Webex device and Webex Edge for Devices in Webex Meetings Optimized Experience mode.

  • Guest commented
    28 Jul, 2023 02:40pm

    @Admin-Response: Why do i need the SIP-address or H.323-address in the invitation for E2EE-meetings, when i cannot join E2EE encrypted meetings with those protocols? On our Webex-Cloud-registered devices (Room Series) one can join via the "Join Webex Button" instead.

    When will invitation mail templates exclusively for e2e encrypted meetings be finally available? We are waiting for longer than one and a half year by now.