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Less clicks!

Thanks for the opportunity to share ideas.

  • To quit a meeting we have to click two times. Please give the ability to parameter a one-click option, as Attendee, as Organizer (terminate meeting) and so on.

  • To join a meeting it's just crazy. First we generally click on a button within an email, it opens a brower and the application "Cicsco Webex Meetings", then we must choose an option (use computer, call me...) because the drop-list comes over the button "Join meeting": 3 clicks and 2 windows. When I don't have the opened drop-list, I have a confirmation "Agree" to click. Add one click to turn off the camera (why is it still on when I said "no" in my profile?). Please simplify: no browser when we have the Windows application, keep closed the drop-list of choices (or put the Join button higher), use the profile for camera on/off, and let us the ability to connect directly with the default options (we always have the button ". . ." More Options to change our mind).

  • Thierry HEDIN
  • Jul 7 2020
  • Need more info
  • Thierry HEDIN commented
    24 Aug, 2020 11:27am

    I'd like to thank everybody for comments, votes and interest in my request. As the post is on "Need more info", I put an attachement with screenshots and details. If it is not sufficient, please precise the kind of informations needed.

  • Guest commented
    21 Aug, 2020 12:00am

    Thanks for entering this idea! Our Chief Technology Officer has asked for exactly this.

  • John Jacobson commented
    20 Aug, 2020 11:21pm

    Thank you for entering this request. I have received multiple customer complaints about the number of clicks that it requires just to exit a Webex Meeting. I can understand for a Host in some cases -- Especially where you may need to be reminded to transfer the host role to someone before you unceremoniously dump everyone out of the meeting when you leave but for everyone else it should be a configurable option (at most) to make the Webex meeting window to go POOF GONE and not have the awkward moments looking into your camera as you fumble around the screen hunting for the Leave Meeting dialog after you tried to X out of the Window.

  • Santosh Kumar commented
    9 Jul, 2020 10:22am

    For joining a meeting there should be use default options and no need to ask again with a popup