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Filter to show external space members or bots


Quite often I'm looking at the members of a space because it says that the space has external participants.
The only way to find out who the external space members (in a particular case >2000) is to scroll through the entire list.
Same applies to bots. Sometimes I want to see if (for example) there's an "Eurl" bot in a space or some other bot that could be of assistance.


Add a filter in the space member page that allows you to filter by

  • bots

  • external participants

could this be implemented?
With filter buttons JUST like the "Content" tab where you can filter by links/whiteboards

Example mockup: attached

  • Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard
  • Nov 11 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Admin
    Jan Willem Ruys commented
    11 Nov, 2021 01:39pm

    This! I've had large spaces where suddenly someone external popped up and I had to scroll through 100's of names to find the one marked orange.

    You could also consider an extra filter for "in my org" - to only see the people 'local' to you. May be useful in a large multi-domain space to see your direct colleagues that are in there.