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whenever a person replies on a older thread, the thread itself should reappear as the recent chat in its own panel

right now if a person replies on a really old thread only few people are actually seeing this message as they have to scroll to the original thread and most of the times people are missing these threads

  • Guest
  • Jul 7 2020
  • Will not implement
  • Guest commented
    27 Jun, 2023 10:19am

    Whats the reason why not likely to implement?

  • Guest commented
    7 Jun, 2023 08:44am

    We get lots of complaints from users on this. MS Teams handles reply threads much better.

  • Guest commented
    26 Sep, 2022 08:37pm

    I would almost recommend getting read of the thread capabilities if threads can't be moved to the bottom/most recent part of a conversation. It's too difficult to scroll back and forth for multiple ongoing conversations.

  • Paul Stulac commented
    12 May, 2022 07:49pm

    People reply to older threads and you have to scroll and find the new message. This is a usability issue that should be prioritized, whether you like it or not you are competing against the usability features of other platforms that do handle this.

  • Brad McCormick commented
    7 Mar, 2022 01:53pm

    This is hindering our enthusiastic adoption of Webex Teams. Latest messages should be at the bottom, whether they're individual messages or part of a thread. And if they're part of a thread, they should bring the whole thread to the bottom. As @Shaf mentioned, this is the default behavior in Microsoft Teams, and it's superior. At the very least, make this an option.

  • Shaf commented
    23 Feb, 2022 08:01am

    This is basic functionality that requires implementing and is offered as a standard feature in Microsoft Teams

  • Niclas Sandstroem commented
    19 Feb, 2021 05:46am

    Please fix this the My Threads is not sufficient. It is also not possible to reply in thread to previous reply. If you use quote it will break out from the thread...

  • Chad Conrow commented
    2 Oct, 2020 09:02pm

    Pulling the whole thread to the most current timestamp is another way to handle this... The scrolling up is really problematic in the Webex Teams implementation...

  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2020 04:34pm

    Threads are clear issue for the webex teams community, it is an important feature and just needs some tweaks. Marking this not likely to implement and to not at least offer any reasoning is disappointing.

  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2020 03:57pm

    I would choose and recommend any competing product that has this feature over WebEx Teams. Please reconsider.

  • Robert Tucker commented
    12 Aug, 2020 03:42pm

    I agree with the comments below, this is one of the most confusing, unusable problems with WebEx teams which would be great to resolve.

  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2020 02:35pm

    Hmmm, why "Not likely to be implemented" I wonder?

    This fundamental bug in the UX is the reason we loathe webex so much.

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2020 01:05pm

    I like the way Apple are handling threads in iOS 14 - the orginal message can be expanded, but the replies come to the bottom of the message too so you dont miss the replies

  • Guest commented
    8 Jul, 2020 06:24am

    Open thread in side pane instead of side-pane. Pop-up is gives very bad experience.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jul, 2020 06:14am

    This is the most hated part in webex for me. I keep missing threads when new ones are created

  • Guest commented
    7 Jul, 2020 07:42pm

    A thread sidebar or some other focused view like competitor apps would be great. The scrolling behavior is very odd and all the new reply notifiers can be glitchy

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