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A Reminder, that an unused, but daily repeated meeting get's deleted would be nice

Usually, we plan meetings in our accounts that get repeated daily and should never run out. Shortly I had to find out, that these meetings - if untouched or unused for a longer time - get deleted automatically after 90 days without any warning or reminder. This should be changed, because it surprisingly happend the same day we wanted to use the planned meeting for the first time (the meeting-number was gone and we had to cancel the session for our customers).

  • Guest
  • Nov 17 2021
  • Need more info
  • Mar 14, 2022

    Admin response

    How are you scheduling these? Are they space meetings?

  • Guest commented
    15 Mar, 2022 09:51am

    What are space meetings? The meeting get's a name, a daily length of time from 8:30am until 9:20pm and certain settings. It's created to be repeated daily and should never end. Tha's the only meeting for an account, so we take the meeting number for it as fixed information for our students and sometimes we change the meeting password (maybe monthly). It might be possible, that an account doesn't use this meeting for a long time, but then suddenly we might need it. In this special case we were very surprised, because our meeting was gone and we had to replan and renew the configs and informations like meetingnumber and password for our already waiting students. So, for this kind of fixed meeting a reminder a couple days before it get's expired would be nice.