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I think we should be able to change our Availability Status. This is possible in skype.

Sometimes we login after office hours to finish some pending tasks. We may want to interact with few people but don't want to be available to all others. One option is we can close Webex but we can't connect with required people also. In Skype, even you are available you can set Away status.

  • Jaya Velama
  • Jul 7 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Jacob Szczypinski commented
    14 Oct, 2021 01:02pm

    This would be massively useful, in particular for the receptionist client.
    Setting the custom status as it is currently programmed is practically useless, for us just about everyone goes by the color around your profile pic. If there was a way that the "set a status" option could directly effect that color, like an additional option while setting the status. EX: "Set custom status text" and then "set custom status availability" with options like "away" "invisible/appear offline"
    The features are halfway there they just need to be linked together with more customizable options.

  • Dietmar Kuepper commented
    11 May, 2021 06:08am


  • Eric D Favreau commented
    4 Mar, 2021 09:42pm

    "Status" is a person's banner message. "Availability" needs more options between online, offline, and DND. I be may be personally busy or away. Skype had that. A long time ago, Skype also had an "invisible" status, where you looked offline, but weren't. You could chat with people, and they could respond, but noone else would know you're there and say "Oh! I can chat them up now!" THAT's the availability I need, rather than go offline. Then I can still get work done, and catch up on messages.

  • Andreas Habian commented
    2 Mar, 2021 04:32pm

    Our users would like to see other users and to be seen by other usrs as "offline" if they are not logged in or closed their Webex client. A green, yellow or green status like "was online 10 minutes ago" is confusing since many users think the other one will return soon. A grey or black status "offline" after log out or when closing Webex clearly shows that a user is not online and might not return that given day or week.

  • Norbert Martin commented
    9 Nov, 2020 03:06pm

    It would be useful to be able to customize the real status, and set the Active status for as long as needed. If we are available but not actively working n WebEx Teams, it will turn in some kind of "Away" status... So it is needed that the real status can be customized and not only those ones that can be added.

  • Elena Schott commented
    10 Sep, 2020 05:44pm

    You may be able to "set a status" but it's not one that appears front and center when people glance at your name in a list. Only the colors come through green, or orange, or greyed out along with how long ago you were active. What folks are asking for is some manual control over that display , a yellow that is manually set between the green of "available" and the orange of "in a meeting" or the red of "do not disturb".

    In skype when I set it to yellow (Be right back, Away, or Off Work) it stayed yellow until I set it back to available. No matter what words we use, folks are going to key off the color first, and check words on a pop up later or not at all. So let us have yellow as manually set, stuck to, and removed at will. Words for what kind of yellow can still just be the current status message we already have the ability to set.

  • Guest commented
    5 Sep, 2020 02:26am

    why dont we have this? there are more status' that just DND. Skype got this right. Just another reason why i refuse to completely adopt this platform. What a simple programming update this would be,

  • betty Roman commented
    10 Aug, 2020 06:37pm

    When we use the external Out of Office auto reply option in Outlook it changes the Webex Availability icon to reflect Out Of Office which is inaccurate. In some cases we use the out of office auto reply to alert external contacts we are not available but are available to our peers internally. Updating the status to reflect that is confusing and a manual task one has to remember.

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2020 06:54pm

    Currently you can click on your picture and then "Set a Status" - you can even create a custom status.

  • Guest commented
    8 Jul, 2020 06:59pm

    I would really like more granularity in status. I want a symbology that indicates that I am heads down and working, not "away."

  • Naga Pavani Bitragunta commented
    8 Jul, 2020 04:54am

    Also it shows Away if we don't use WEBEX window for a while, also it shows our status as away after 10 minutes, is there away it can show us online as long as we are available on system and shows away immediately when we are not

  • Guest commented
    7 Jul, 2020 07:25pm

    Yep, this! There is a Do Not Disturb but not an Away status. You have to add a status as a free form that does not affect the icon showing you are away. You may be away but not on DND. THis needs considersation.

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