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What Is Nitrogen Purging

Nitrogen purging is a process that uses nitrogen gas as a medium to purge the existing oil or gas lines. In terms of referring to the process, It is a common industrial practice that is used to eliminate contents of the transmission line in case of maintenance, change of transmission media or repairing. This can also help in ensuring the efficiency of pipelines that usually results in decreased performance.

Non-Hazardous Way to Displace Existing Gases

The different conditions like water vapour, contamination, oxygen, etc. can decrease the lifespan and efficiency of a pipeline which requires the right action at the right time to perform required maintenance. Nitrogen being a non-hazardous and non-combustible gas can be used for such purposes in the oil and gas industry.

Nitrogen is considered as an inert gas that can also be used as non-hazardous gas to flush the pipeline system displacing existing gases out of it. There are various types of nitrogen purging like- Displacement Purging, Dilution Purging, Pressure Liquid Transfer, etc. which are used to replace or eliminate the existing content in the transmission pipelines. It is a systematic process that is done in a procedural manner to ensure safe operation.

Applications of Nitrogen Purging

Here are various applications which can require nitrogen purging:

  1. Nitrogen purging is mostly used in cases when there is a need to repair the clogged pipelines. Since the clogged pipelines can decrease the optimum efficiency of pipelines and can result in oxidation, nitrogen purging can be used in such cases to restore actual efficiency ensuring an optimal flow of content inside the pipelines.

  2. There can also be various conditions that can demand change of content inside the pipeline which is also possible only through the process of nitrogen purging. It is done by using dilution purging where the other gas is diluted with nitrogen to purge the gas out of the system.

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  • Nov 19 2021