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Announce Space BOT

We have numerous use cases where we wish to have announce spaces but have generic users post to these spaces. For example: an IT Support space here support teams can post outage messages etc. Our mgmt. don't want helpdesk users posting as themselves so we currently create generic shared accounts on Webex, share out the password to the announce team and have them use the web client to send the messages. This is really messy as means all these generic accounts with non-expiring passwords on the Webex platform and all have to be monitored and maintained.

A better solution would be an announce BOT that works like this:

- Create an announce space with the BOT as moderator and all the users
- Create a 'send space' with the BOT
- People message the BOT in the send space and the BOT simply mirrors the message to the announce space
- Some method needed to link the spaces

PS: I have actually done this with the node SDK and the API and it works great. problem I have had is parsing the HTML form the desktop client and I can't find any documentation on it :|

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  • Nov 24 2021
  • Future consideration