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Allow Webex for Broadworks users to sign in with their Broadworks application id

One of the significant issued that we are facing with migration users from the current/legacy UC Applications (UC Office/Connect/etc.) is that the self-activation journey requires users to sign in first with their Webex email address, then with their Broadworks application userid/password ...

Once the self-activation process is complete, we can then synchronise Broadworks with Webex (via our self-care portal) to allow Broadworks authentication against the Webex email address (i.e. the Webex email address is added as a roadworks AlternateId).

This might all seem fine, but our end users (and our resellers' end users) are finding this all very confusing, with many people ending up setting up either a free Webex account based on their Webex email address (due to the lag in synchronisation) or a free Webex account based on their Broadworks application userid because they confuse the 2 during the self-activation process!

This "new idea" is to request that Webex for Broadworks allow self-activation, and sign-in, using simply the Broadworks application userid/password combo, rather than introducing an additional userid into the equation.

I appreciate that there would have to be restrictions, within a Partner Org, and within a Customer Org, but this would remove 2 of the points of confusion that our end-users are suffering when going through the current Webex for Broadworks self-action journey.

  • Pete Shenton
  • Dec 8 2021
  • Future consideration