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Webex app scheduled delivery of a message to a space

Need the ability to schedule messages to post. Sometimes, I need to post a message on a specific day, every Monday for example, or at a specific time. There is no simple way to do this

  • Thomas Petite
  • Jan 6 2022
  • Planned
  • Ashish Jain commented
    16 May 07:44am

    Often, I find myself in a situation where I have a question to ask a colleague who is in a different time zone. However, I am hesitant to reach out because I don't want to disturb them and potentially wake them up at 3:00 am. While email is an option, many people prefer using Webex for quick queries. It would be extremely helpful if there was a way to schedule the delivery of Webex messages, ensuring that they reach the recipient at a more suitable time.

  • Evan Tam commented
    30 Mar 05:22pm

    This would allows our user's to send out messages at a designated time. As overnight shift works. They would like the ability to send out low-priority messages in spaces at a later time to their daytime team without waking the team up.

  • Mike Donofrio commented
    23 Feb 08:57pm

    Would be especially useful so as not to inconvenience someone who is currently set 'Do Not Disturb'

  • Mohona Mukherjee commented
    17 Feb 11:18pm

    Appdynamics (now a BU of Cisco) used Slack and is now moving to Webex mandatorily. I understand the business move but I wish we did not have to lose certain advantages when moving away from our competitor to our very own product.

    1. Scheduling personal messages: Our people are spread across timezones and geographies and having the ability to schedule a message so we can remind someone about something vital/checklist task in THEIR timezone is a MASSIVE advantage that Slack has always given us.
    I was heartbroken to see that this is no longer going to be a possible option using Webex. PLEASE consider adding this feature because almost all companies have people across the globe these days.

    2. Recurring automated reminders: In addition, the ability to schedule recurring messages is also great from a management perspective , especially if one handles scrums , retros etc. This is also a feature Slack offers and I would love to see in Webex!

  • Dustin Riedesel commented
    17 Feb 03:06pm

    This would be a fantastic addition. My wife's company uses Slack with a team across multiple time zones. The difference on when we receive messages makes a huge difference in our feelings of stress. As a manager, it's made me extremely cognizant of when I message and how I ask, but I'd be way more efficient if I could schedule delivery instead of trying to remember everything I need to send when the time arrives.

  • Daniel Lee commented
    28 Oct, 2022 01:00am

    Given hybrid work and disburse teams (various time zones), this request would add to productivity.

  • Gizem Kirmizisac Gulsen commented
    23 Sep, 2022 01:12pm

    This is a great feature that Slack already has!

  • scott pelletier commented
    2 Aug, 2022 11:08pm

    would like a one time schedule, e.g., don't want to bother someone off hours but I also don't want to forget to send the message in the morning or scheduled send when I need a recurring message/reminder to go out.