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Video in Breakout Sessions

Would like to have video in addition to audio in breakout sessions.

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  • May 2 2020
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  • Vinnie N commented
    22 Feb, 2021 06:39pm

    WebEx Training is sorely lacking in video conferencing features. We know it can be implemented since it exists in WebEx Meetings.

    WebEx Training seems like an afterthought and not a polished product. Hope to see equivalent features offered soon.

  • Guest commented
    27 Jan, 2021 01:31am

    Breakout webcams is a feature sorely needed. Prioritize this please.

  • andy ellis commented
    26 Jan, 2021 04:20pm

    I would completely agree that Webex Training needs a significant upgrade. It is much more expensive than meetings but it seems features get added to meetings but not to Training. Example - sharing sound from Desktop, now video in breakout. Or can we simply take Meetings and add some of the functionality we need for training delivery. Very Disappointing.

  • Meredith Jung commented
    17 Dec, 2020 05:29am

    This shows as shipped, but clearly it has not shipped in Webex Training. This is incredibly disheartening as Webex Training is much better for training sessions than Webex Meetings, but is more or less unusable for trainings with breakout sessions where you want people to, for example, role play a sales call together. And those are sessions where I really want all of the other functionality of Webex Training--not the less complete Webex Meetings functionality. So frustrating.

  • Devin Nail commented
    8 Oct, 2020 01:02am

    Video is available for breakout rooms in Webex Meetings 40.9, but not the much more expensive Webex Training... Anyone else feel Training is in need of a major user experience improvment?

  • Guest commented
    15 Sep, 2020 03:18pm


  • jeff s commented
    14 Sep, 2020 07:29pm

    YES!!!! This could not come soon enough.

  • Matthew Wynd commented
    14 Sep, 2020 07:08pm

    Yes, I think we all shipped Webex Meetings and a full-featured breakout experience :-)

  • Guest commented
    4 Sep, 2020 01:46am

    Yes please

  • Guest commented
    30 Aug, 2020 08:25pm


  • Guest commented
    13 Aug, 2020 05:27pm


  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2020 02:13pm

    Lack of video in breakout sessions are considered a deal-breaker for virtual events. Zoom is also in our future if this feature is not available soon.

  • Bram van Heuveln commented
    11 Aug, 2020 04:53pm


  • Guest commented
    11 Aug, 2020 12:35am

    Small group face to face is essential. I’m about to switch to using Zoom because this feature is not offered.

  • jeff s commented
    4 Aug, 2020 12:59am

    YES -- please.

  • Anders Weinholdt commented
    3 Aug, 2020 10:05am

    I agree to this. Also when this feature will be available in Meetings it will be even more useful.

  • Kathleen Barba commented
    28 Jul, 2020 08:54pm

    Video cameras in the Training Center breakout rooms is a must have. For virtual training it is important for participants and instructors to be able to see each other in the breakout rooms. Our clients are requiring it. We have been a client for over 10 years and will have to use Adobe Connect and Zoom to be able to offer this feature to our clients and students of virtual training. It is important to include the video camera in the breakout rooms in the Training Center.

  • John McCann commented
    27 Jul, 2020 08:21pm

    We definitely need cameras in the breakout rooms for Training Center. We're finding clients are demanding it, and it's a need that can be met by Adobe Connect, Zoom, and others. We're a 10+ year Webex client and are getting ready to move away from it due to the lack of cameras in the breakouts

  • Amarjit Kaur commented
    20 Jul, 2020 09:42pm

    Our students in STEM courses and language classes will really benefit from video in the breakout sessions.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2020 07:20am

    Breakoutsessions with face to face discussion is a must have for using webex trainings

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