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Call completed elsewhere

Webex is missing a SIP feature described in RFC3326 section 3.1

When a forked call is picked up by a device, other devices receive a CANCEL Request with The Sip header "Reason:SIP;text="Call completed elsewhere";cause=200" in the content. UC-One but also Hardphones cancels the session while ringing and don't register the call as being missed. Webex however cancel the session and registers the call as a missed call inspite of the Reason Header.

This affects The Webex app in a Huntgroup, CallCenter, Broadworks Anywhere, Shared Call Appearance, Simultanious ring and other forked call scenario's.

I suggest that Webex does process the Sip Header and when it occurs in a CANCEL request the call is not registered as a missed call.

Code Sample SIP CANCEL Request:

CANCEL sip:102@ SIP/2.0


From:"John Q.



To:"Dom Portwood"<sip:102@initech.test>


CSeq:146434168 CANCEL

Reason:SIP;text="Call completed elsewhere";cause=200


Thanks and kind regards,

Misja Hoen

  • Guest
  • Jan 19 2022