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Linux support for Webex

Trying to get Webex in the DevNet community we do need full support for Linux. We were this week not able to integrate one of our programming freaks into the Webex events panel :(

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  • May 9 2020
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  • Sep 10, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you so much for your feedback and the numerous votes on the request to support a Linux version of the Webex Teams client. The wait is finally over and Cisco Collaboration team has started working on a Linux client. There are numerous questions in terms of what flavors will be supported, what features will be available, etc. Our goal is to get it to you as soon as possible and are releasing the core workflows(targeted for Q1 CY2021) with a roadmap to ultimate parity with the Windows client. The team is working through defining the phases and finalizing the initial flavors of Linux that we will support. Taking your requests on flavors into consideration for sure. We will share more on this in the upcoming weeks so please watch out this AHA for more details. Thank you your patience. –Manali Dongre, ProductManager

  • Guest commented
    23 Nov, 2022 02:50pm

    It's nice they released a client, but the client is way behind in feature support and rarely gets updates. There is no real PSTN calling on the linux app, join a meeting link doesn't work, chat in meetings doesn't work, no virtual backgrounds, and the list goes on.

  • Guest commented
    2 Nov, 2022 11:40pm

    But the Client doesn't work on Events nor does Events work properly in any browser on the Linux platform. FIX THIS!!!!!

  • mj 162 commented
    16 Jun, 2022 10:24pm

    @Guest, so when @Manali said in late 20: "There are numerous questions in terms of what flavors will be supported, what features will be available, etc." we foresaw the risk of being palmed-off with a desktop client that supported basic meeting functionality but without give/take remote control and attempting to support build and packaging for Linux's uniquely fragmented distributions.

    18 months, two years on and following a pandemic that made "Zoom call" an every-day phrase used by grandparents, in the corporate space I've seen -- and perhaps you have too -- a distinct pattern in the movement between platforms.

    As happened today, I had to join a call with a new firm. They said they'd send an invite. I had a silent bet with myself (that I didn't lose) as to which platform it would be on when their email came through.

    Is anybody else seeing the same trend?

  • Claudio Monteleone commented
    20 Apr, 2022 05:45pm

    Joining meeting does not work at all.

    Joining a meeting in browser as well:

    "Your operating system or browser doesn't support Webex . Sign in on a Windows or Mac computer to download the app."

  • Guest commented
    3 Feb, 2022 11:36pm

    everything was ok but it doesn't exist the option "Provide or request remote control in Webex linux version" what happend you forgot it?

  • Jon Ibarra commented
    2 Nov, 2021 05:05pm

    Hello! This works well for joining meetings however I would like to see the following:

    • Ability to scroll through pages of participants (over 16) just like MacOS, Windows, Android, IOS versions. For now the view is locked to first 16 on multiple view.

    • Ability to log in with "meetingsamer.webex" instead of "meet86.webex" account.

  • Jon Ibarra commented
    2 Nov, 2021 05:00pm

    Hello! This works great for joining meetings however I would like to see the following:

  • Christian Fröhlich commented
    15 Oct, 2021 10:50am

    Works fine on Debian GNU/Linux 11! Thank you very much!

  • mario chiari commented
    14 Oct, 2021 08:55am


    sorry, I see now you have both. GREAT!

    Thanks M.

  • mario chiari commented
    14 Oct, 2021 08:44am


    very good. I am looking for it.

    It would be nice to have clients for both Debian and Red-Hat/Fedora flavors of Linux.

    Take care


  • Klaus Grunwald commented
    14 Oct, 2021 04:07am

    Sehr geehrte Schwestern,
    sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.
    Ich bin leider bis auf Weiteres nicht erreichbar.
    In dringenden Fällen wenden Sie sich bitte an den IT-ServiceDesk
    =>Tel. 2000 (oder per E-Mail an ServiceDesk)

    Viele Grüße

    Klaus Grunwald
    Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken gGmbH
    Geschäftsführer: Markus Mord
    Böheimstraße 37 70199 Stuttgart
    Sitz: Stuttgart, Amtsgericht Stuttgart
    HRB Nr. 18126

  • Ronald Garcia commented
    5 Oct, 2021 05:39pm

    Thank you for listening to the folks in need of this client.

  • Guest commented
    21 Sep, 2021 01:25am

    I would like thank the WebEx team for releasing the Linux client. It's working great! I would like to request the following features be added:

    • An option for compact view

    • An option to switch the font to the default typeface the desktop environment is using.

    Thanks again for all your hard work on the Linux WebEx client!

  • mj 162 commented
    20 Aug, 2021 05:22pm

    @Chris Poupart: Out of interest, which way have you gone:-

    • Have you settled on using the WebEx Linux Desktop Client/WebRTC as your combined conferencing/collaboration tool and placing and taking office VoIP calls using the one app?

    • Have you settled on using a dedicated softphone app as your combined conferencing/collaboration tool and placing and taking office VoIP calls? or

    • Have your reverted(?) to using the WebEx Linux Desktop Client/WebRTC for WebEx conferencing/collaboration and using a separate softphone for VoIP?

    As you say, there's no post-COVID rush back to the office and I guess meanwhile that those pricey room systems are gathering dust in the c-suite rooms on the top floor.

  • Eric Knipp commented
    11 Aug, 2021 02:12pm

    Breakout functionality doesn't appear to work in the Linux client. I'm going to be forced back to the Web version for meetings that include breakouts. Otherwise, this is a nice piece of work and I'm grateful for it.

  • Alex Alexiou commented
    21 Jul, 2021 04:17pm

    Unfortunately I've had to go back to using the web client for now. The chat functionality works great, but I'm running into too many issues doing videoconferencing. Specifically:

    • Apparently my name doesn't show up properly for other people, instead showing something like "User"

    • Audio delays when I speak in the room

    • No "chat" button

    • No "whiteboard" option

  • Christos Ekimogloy commented
    19 Jul, 2021 03:53pm

    So I can't believe the most useful functionality for webex is not present in the linux native client. Request Control. Without this functionality, the Linux Clien is worthless. I get more use out of the firefox web client than I can out of this.

    For Linux users this would have been a game changer if you only gave it the love you gave the windows and apple versions. Every year the Linux community gets bigger but still gets ignored. I thought Cisco was turning a corner here.

    Be Better!

  • Javier Perez commented
    25 Jun, 2021 06:29am

    Tested on Debian 9 and 10 using XFCE and the current binary version doesn't works.

  • Mauro Sassi commented
    18 Jun, 2021 03:51pm

    On Ubuntu 18.04 th app do not scale correctly with fractional scaling enabled. Part of the windows and buttons are outside the viewing area and unclickable making the application useless. Customer sipport appear to have no clue at all and redirects me to the installation guide...

  • Guest commented
    31 May, 2021 01:36pm

    Just don't work and worst no log at all, great job Cisco

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