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ECM with Screen capture capability and upload from computer: Allow screen capture when space is linked to online folder and allow user to designate a default online location for screen captures and the paperclip 'upload from computer' option to be uploaded.

In organizations that use Enterprise Content Management and have native file sharing disabled, the screen capture feature is turned off. This is front and center for the user base as the screen capture icon is not hidden but instead greyed out.

This request is for granular controls to improve the ECM experience, specifically for O365.

  • Allow screen capture when the space is linked to an online folder

  • Allow a user to designate their default online folder location for screen captures and the paperclip 'upload from computer' option to be uploaded. When this is done, allow screen capture in all spaces the user participates in. The spaces linked to an online folder would take precedent.

  • Guest
  • Jul 9 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Elena Schott commented
    3 Sep, 2020 05:13pm

    I'm not sure of a best answer myself. I created a folder in onedrive shared member by member by member with my 40 person team and then have subfolders shared with individual webex spaces for my team to inherit those permissions. But in a quick impromptu chat where I'd want to just paste a screen clipping (CLICK HERE not over there) setup for that would not be easy and I support lots of folks outside my own team. And linking a folder to an impromptu chat from the Shared with Everyone permissions group that will probably soon go away and already can 't be created anew, just so I can paste things is NOT impromptu. Better to send an email at which point we're right back to "Webex for Aon doesn't handle screen clippings".

  • Sheshadri Mookherjee commented
    3 Sep, 2020 05:03am

    As mentioned above, screen-capture when Native is disabled can only work when:

    1. Screen capture needs to be enabled in CH, and this will lead to screen captures being stored in Native as well

    2. An ECM folder is linked as default to the space, AND screen capture is enabled in CH. In which case the screen capture will be stored in the ECM folder

    So I guess the problem really is : How do I get a screen capture in without allowing storing of these in Native storage, and in all cases, even when there is no ECM folder linked to a space?

    Temporary Workaround: Users can still use their OS(WIN/Mac) screen-capture and upload+share the file from OneDrive(other ECM) or drop it in the Space-linked folder(even drag-drop to space if a folder is linked as default).

    We are exploring this workflow, but would love to hear your thoughts on solutions.

    Even if we automatically do the OneDrive upload to a designated folder, the user will still need to share and provide file permissions to the people, or share with a broad permission like org level for space members to be able to access the file.

    Another option could be to prompt users to link folders to the space when users are trying to share content in a particular space.

  • Elena Schott commented
    13 Aug, 2020 06:22pm

    This doesn't work for me or anyone in my forty person work group. Unless we can save the screen capture to an allowed online space (sharepoint, enterprise one drive), we can't paste screenshots. Having shifted to email just to get the picture to a recipeient the flow is already gone and we should have been in skype.

  • Guest commented
    13 Aug, 2020 06:13pm

    Hi Sheshadri, I understand that when Screen Capture is enabled on the Control Hub that individual spaces linked to an online folder will put the screenshot in that online folder location. However, we have Screen Capture turned off because our policy does not allow us to save to a file location other than O365.

    This enhancement would make Screen Capture conditional on default online folders being identified. Therefore this feature request does not exist as it is requesting more granular controls of ECM and screen capture to account for customers that have more stringent restrictions for file sharing.

  • Sheshadri Mookherjee commented
    13 Aug, 2020 05:52am

    This is currently allowed when an ECM folder is linked to a space as default storage.

    Screenshots work, and get uploaded to the Linked Default Folder and not to Native Storage.