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Register device for hot desking only

A professional license of Webex Calling entitles a user to multiple devices. However, if that user wishes to hot desk, the device they log in to also needs a license. This creates a doubling up of licenses for companies who want to encourage hot desking.

It should be possible for a device to register to Webex Calling without common area functionality. Purely to sit there waiting for someone to log in.

  • Scott Murphy
  • Feb 10 2022
  • Planned
  • Admin
    Alec Walker commented
    5 Feb, 2023 11:44pm

    This is definitely on the roadmap, with a target of 1H CY 2023. The specific requirements are still being discussed, but this will likely be a hotdesking-only workspace license that does not require a Webex Calling workspace license. Please visit the Collaboration roadmap on SalesConnect for more information. You can find additional information on Webex Calling Coming Soon as the release date approaches.

  • Guest commented
    28 Mar, 2022 09:58pm
    As a customer where nearly all devices are shared the current licence model is a barrier when looking to migrate from on prem CUCM to Webex calling. I understand the thought process of licencing common area phones but hot desk only phones should not require additional licenses over and above the professional license.
  • Garth Matthews commented
    22 Feb, 2022 12:26pm

    In effect, the desire is that any device loaded into a customers' CH inventory should be available for any user to log in to for hot desking/hotelling purposes. (i.e. any licensed user should be able to come into an office that is entirely hot-desk oriented and login to the handset on any available desk)

  • Nick Gray commented
    22 Feb, 2022 12:25pm

    I agree with the comment above, other vendors dont charge for Hotdesking so any professional user should have the Hot Desking / Hotelling entitement as part of the Pro Licence.