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Non-Team Members as Moderators of Sub-Spaces

We have spaces for all of our offices that are used by our workplace and corporate security teams to publish alerts. We have recently started created Teams and sub-spaces for our different office locations for use by the local staff for general info, social clubs etc.

We want to move the Corp., security spaces into these relevant country team, however we are unable to do this without making all of the Workplace teams moderators, giving them access to the other spaces that they do not need.

We need to be able to allow sub-spaces to have moderators that are not part of the wider team for managing this sub-spaces. This is also extremely useful when working projects with our customers and vendors (such as cisco) so that they can also add members to a shared space that might be part of a wider team.

  • Dominic Fidler
  • Feb 14 2022
  • Not likely to implement
  • Feb 18, 2022

    Admin response

    Our recommendation is to create a space outside of the team and have the relevant user moderate that space.