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Webex for Broadworks Call History

It would be usefult to not have to rely on Unified Call History - or at least be able to initiate call history lookup via XSI. Post an issue where the XSI Subscriptions from Cisco for Call Histories were stuck on the Secondary AS we lost an entire day of Call History from Webex for users as we were not in a position to restart as02 during business hours, and from a Webex perspective - so users who are not using our handsets/Communicator where they can get the Network Call History via XSI - they will forever have no call history. It would be good to either have an API to have CH initiate call Hisory lookup from XSI to populate it's unified call history, or have a configuration element for the Webex application to tell it to fetch call history from XSI

  • Glenn Caldwell
  • Feb 22 2022