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USB Pass-through Mode for all Webex Room Systems

Due to Covid-19 and the explosive growth of various web conferencing providers, our customers require our larger Webex Room Systems and Kits to be equipped with USB so they can use our great hardware for Zoom, MS Team, etc. The Desk Pro and RK Mini already offer this capability.

  • Marc Reiffenrath
  • Jul 14 2020
  • Planned
  • Guest commented
    7 Jul, 2023 08:34am

    Integrate USB passthrough feature in Room Kit and higher devices so client can get benefit of all applications like Teams, Zoom etc..

  • Guest commented
    12 Aug, 2022 07:38am

    We tried a Room Kit Mini last year and were happy with it, especially with its flexibility. But we needed an extra table microphone, so we ordered the bigger one, presuming all other features would all be the same. Now we experience that there is no USB connection to our NUC for MS Teams and so on and are a disappointed. Please bring this feature to all Room Kits.

  • Jeff Campbell commented
    5 Aug, 2022 08:51pm

    Considering the massive shortcoming of the Webex -> MS Teams CVI, this would be a barely acceptable solution to enable us to joing Teams meetings from our exec conference rooms.

  • Guest commented
    1 Aug, 2022 08:05am

    Without the USB Pass-throungh mode i can't buy Room Kit for my company. We need to be able to use the Room Kit with all videoconferenting systeme

  • Guest commented
    27 Jun, 2022 02:05pm

    Yes we need this feature too. Thnaks

  • Martin Fischer commented
    30 May, 2022 10:25am

    Thanks we need this too.

  • Harikeshan Gangeshan commented
    25 May, 2022 04:01pm

    thank you for listening to us. Better late than never.

  • Tilo Voigtlaender commented
    25 May, 2022 03:11pm

    That would make a big difference to us.

  • Guest commented
    9 Feb, 2022 04:49am

    This is really important feature. Please enable USB passthrough on WebEx board .

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb, 2022 03:18pm


  • Peter Rogers commented
    22 Nov, 2021 01:38pm

    We installed a Room Kit Mini a few months ago and love it. Great product.

    We just installed our first Room Kit Plus this week. We were surprised that the Plus didn't come with the USB feature that the mini did. The USB pass-through is such a helpful tool with video conferencing and recording presentations. I know about SIP connections and room connectors. We were looking to install around 20 more of them but are a bit hesitant now.

  • Filippo Menada commented
    21 Jul, 2021 01:32pm

    We need this function!!

  • Johan Pettersson commented
    14 Apr, 2021 09:04am

    This is a really important feature

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2021 03:36pm

    This should be standard for all newly built devices going forward. If the Room Kit Mini has it as a standard all Room Series should have going forward.

  • Eddie Majcic commented
    16 Mar, 2021 03:39am

    This is a must do Cisco.... please please PLEASE!
    It would make your more system much more flexible. If a user has an invite to a MS Teams, Zoom or whatever meeting, they simply plug there laptop into the USB (the room instantly becomes their webcam) and connect video (via HDMI) to the screen and hey presto done! Super easy solution

  • A A commented
    15 Dec, 2020 03:12am

    when will we see this?

  • amos Tafani commented
    28 Oct, 2020 03:59pm
    in this situation it is necessary that the customers ask for it, it's time to have 360 ° of service provided to our business
  • Alessandro Francario commented
    28 Oct, 2020 03:34pm

    Indeed this will be an added value

  • Jon Fanebust commented
    3 Sep, 2020 12:46pm

    We also like the USB mode, and are looking to add this capability to more products.