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Support for aligning Outlook Office Hours with WebEx Status Settings

To allow a status sync between Outlook 'Worktime Hours' information and an automatic status change in WebEx Teams that can be turned-on by the user. This would mean that similar to the Out Of Office status that appears in WebEx Teams when your OOO is set in Outlook; if your set your working hours in outlook, then outside of those hours WebEx Teams automatically applies a status to either suppresses notifications or automatically appear away/offline etc unless the user specifically chooses to over ride this.

Driver For This Change:

As WebEx Teams is more and more actively used and becomes powerful communication medium across organisations, we're hitting an increasing problem of using the 'Green Status' as an indication that someone is available and could be messaged. This might only be because the user has the app active on their phone but they should not be concerned about that outside off office hours. This will likely drive the decision that people find it had to 'Switch off From Work' and thus would just turn off or uninstall the capability which I believe would remove one of the really powerful benefits of the tooling.

As we see more and more adoption of Flexible Working Arrangements - giving users confidence that when they define their working hours they will be respect and not become an additional item they need to manage would be a really powerful experience for us to promote and continue the adoption of modern communication technology such as this.

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  • Mar 7 2022
  • Future consideration