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Button to Identify the kind of data and hide sensitive data

Hi Team,

As more and more people are using WebEx Teams and are share many kinds of data, at times there are sensitive data that oters should not be viewing during a WebEx Desktop Sharing session or even physical laptop hardware sharing

There should be a button to identify the kind of data so as sensitive data can be viewed only when needed by asking password or biometric

  • Varadharajan Nadar
  • Mar 15 2022
  • Need more info
  • May 20, 2022

    Admin response

    I think we need more information on teh functionality you are requesting here
    How is this data classified ?
    Where is it classified ?
    My initial thoughts are that it would be difficult to classify documents etc that are outside the direct control of the Webex app
    The Webex app today does allow you to select the desktop app ( e.g. Word ) that you wish to share - when sharing content from your desktop...