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Allow sharing of a portion of wide screen monitors

Currently when I share an application, the sharing window is the same size and resolution as my entire monitor. This is a problem as I typically just want to share an application that consumes maybe 1/3 of my wide screen. What happens now is the application content is shared in a window but then the image contains a grayed out box the dimensions of my wide monitor. The sharing content is too small to see on the receiving end.

It would be great is when sharing an application Webex would only share the size and shape of the application being shared and not the entire monitor dimensions.

  • Jeremy Davis
  • Mar 18 2022
  • Planned
  • Johannes Beck commented
    21 Apr, 2022 03:49pm

    Thanks Jeremy for posting this! What you forgot to mention it, is that zooming in does not help, as the image is compressed too much. In consequence there are two issues: optimizing app sharing from a fraction of the screen estate and video compression optimization.