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pin position of self-view close to Webcam

Basic Problem: Eye-contact not possible in Video-Calls.
This may be an approach to reduce this issue:

Doing multiple long video-calls every day, I noticed that I tend to look at my self-view instead of looking into the camera - esp. if there are multiple participants.
=> I am looking away from the webcam = unpolite and reduces the impact of my presentation :-(

How about an option to tell Webex where my webcam is located to make it position my self-view close to the webcam? This will align my look with the position of the cam.


most notebooks have the cam in the middle, above the screen --> make Webex place (and pin) my self-view right below the cam.

some notebooks have the cam below the screen: make webex place my self view there.

Phone/Tablet in landscape-mode: place (and pin) my self view to the left/right.

Bonus: make Webex remember the device and it´s preferred self view placement.

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  • Mar 20 2022
  • Future consideration