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Add Additional "Policy Rule" Option on Cisco MPP Phones

Currently all Cisco MPP phone series (6800, 7800, 8800) have only 4 "Policy Rule" options under "Provisioning" page that you can see through Cisco MPP web GUI. Currently we utilize all 4 options/windows to point a phone to 4 separate files to be downloaded from the our provisioning server. Unfortunately each profile rule option can be pointed to only one URL to download a single file, so basically we can't have two URLs in each Profile Rule window. What we are asking is to add one or a few more Profile Rule option in order to allow us to download another config file.

Below is the current rules we have to download four config files.

Profile Rule: [--uid $SA --pwd $SB]$MA_8845_8865.xml

Profile Rule B: [--uid $SA --pwd $SB]

Profile Rule C: [--uid $SA --pwd $SB]

Profile Rule D: [--uid $SA --pwd $SB]$MA.xml

Report Rule: [--delta] [--uid $SA --pwd $SB]$MA-delta.xml

The first rule points to a config file that has most of the configuration of the phone and the second one has only the phone's softkey settings (we have to have this separated because some customers asks to move and modify some of the softkeys based on their needs), the third config file is country specific files (we do support customers outside of US, so we do have to have separate config file for each country we support), the fourth config file is the master file which has listed all the above three config files and also upgrade rule to control when you want to make your phones to be upgraded to the newer firmware version.

Now, one issue that we have came across is that end users make changes to their phone's settings like changing the ringtone for example, with the "Report rule" this small changes can be uploaded to the provisioning server (I have already tested and the phones are able to upload it), but the issue is we need to have another additional Profile Rule to instruct the phone to download the file (which is named as $MA-delta.xml under Report Rule) everytime the phone contacts the provisioning server. The very useful benefit is that if the Cisco MPP phone get factory defaulted the phone can download the $MA-delta.xml file which has all the end user customization like ringtone change in it which it won't force the end user to go through it and set it again after a factory default process.

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  • Mar 23 2022