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Webex 'Service Availability By Service' report should break out partner/control hub, including APIs

In our SLAs with our customers/resellers, we distinguish between "dial tone" (i.e. the ability to use the service, make calls, etc.) and "self-care" (i.e. portals/tools that allow them to view and manage their service).

Within Webex, reporting on control hub/ partner hub/APIs is currently lumped in with 'Meetings', which clearly does not give us the ability to downstream the measure to our customers/resellers.

Why is this important? Because it is a commitment that we make within our product offering.

Why do we offer this at all? Because self-care is an extremely important aspect of the service! What we have found over the years in providing/running the service is that self-care is almost as important as the service itself - customers can use our self-care portals to manage around temporary issues with the service (e.g. by setting up diverts, altering feature configurations, etc.) and we can use it to keep them updated on progress with service issues. This applies equally to Webex as to all other components of the service we provide.

Note that ideally, we would like to see control/partner hub as one additional dimension to the measure, and APIs as a second - this is because the way that we expose the 2 Webex control mechanisms is different and hence is worthy of separate governance/reporting.

  • Pete Shenton
  • Apr 5 2022