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There needs to be an option in WxCC Global Routing Overrides for Supervisors to set a custom greeting

In WxCC 1.0 in Routing Strategy>Global Routing Strategy, there was a simple option to set a .wav file to override the .wav file that plays in the daily Routing Strategy. This was very useful for Supervisors to set a custom greeting on the fly when needed.

In WxCC 2.0, the only option in the Routing Strategy>Global Routing Overrides is to choose a Flow. This means as the administrator, I have to create a separate Flow for every single scenario they can think of that they would need to play a custom greeting for.

We need the ability back for the supervisors to just be able to choose a different .WAV file to run that overrides the default greeting in their daily Flows.

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  • Apr 7 2022