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Disable close captioning

customers wish to have the closed captioning option to be disabled in personal rooms and this feature to be controlled by the host.

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  • Apr 12 2022
  • Need more info
  • Joy Skipper commented
    14 Jun, 2022 03:25pm

    Hi, sorry, but as someone on here looking at close captioning posts for accessibility reasons, I think this feature would be actively harmful.

    If you're discussing sensitive content in a meeting and trusting the audio of that feature to go through the security of WebEx, then you should also be able to trust the closed captioning.

    If you can't trust closed captioning on WebEx for sensitive content, then you shouldn't be discussing that sensitive content over WebEx, because you're already trusting the audio to be used over WebEx.

    This feature would be very very detrimental to people who rely on closed captioning for accessibility reasons.

    Just my two cents as someone who relies on closed captioning to understand and contribute to meetings.

  • Admin
    Ivy Pham commented
    23 Apr, 2022 12:59am

    Hi, could you please provide more info about why customer wants it disabled in personal rooms, and have host control?

    Btw, admins will be able to control whether users have CC, via user template settings, which is planned for GA in May. Thanks!