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Enable participants to send urgent messages to presenter with notification on non-sharing monitor/device

Most people naturally use Webex messaging to send urgent messages. Participants forget that an urgent Webex message to a presenter in the meeting will not be aware of the message because they will not be notified of it and they are not checking their Webex spaces while presenting.

Two potential solutions:

  1. Webex knows that the sender and presenter are in the same meeting - couldn't Cisco enable notifications for this narrow use case? This notification would need to be directed at all devices/monitor that are not the shared monitor or device. - OR -

  2. Could Webex send a message back to the sender informing them something like: "[name] is sharing right now and cannot receive notifications - if your message is urgent you would need to use the Chat feature in the Webex meeting ".

Could (2) be an interim solution, with (1) being the permanent solution?

  • Randall Miller
  • Apr 13 2022
  • Future consideration