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Display Line Text Label in Webex App when only one Line is Assigned

Display Line Text Label at Webex App status bar when only one Line ("Button 1") is assigned. Multiple lines shows this context to the user (and Jabber does this for 1-Line provisioned) while Webex App omits the info from display completely when only one line is assigned to the CSF device.

It may seem basic, but users want to see "What is my phone number?" visible in the lower left corner, along with the "connected" little green icon and Call Settings button.

User should be able to click the area (as they do when multiple lines are provisioned) to see more detail that may be hidden on the main page. In other words, Line Label Text and Directory Number, just as they can when the button is shown in the case of two or more lines.

You could omit the "(L1)", "(L2)", "(L3)" colored icons in this case of only one line, if you want, and just display the white Line Text ... or keep "(L1)" followed by Line Text as shown today.

  • Kenneth Meeuwse
  • May 4 2022
  • Planned
  • Kenneth Meeuwse commented
    13 Apr 09:06pm

    Any update on when this will be added?

  • Kenneth Meeuwse commented
    27 Jan 07:28pm

    "on Webex app 42.10, you'll be able to see your work number in your profile page(clicking self avatar you'll get there)."

    This is helpful, but users are really expecting a "green" box in the lower left when registered to UCM, similar to what was provided in Jabber. The white "Call settings" button/text in the very lower left is not quite enough "trigger" to indicate to the user that their UCM connection is working.

    Showing the Line Button indicators when there is only one Line, similar to when number of lines are >= 2 would help solve two UI issues: give the user that "green square" indicator (which is the L1 icon), and also makes visible to the user their provisioned UCM Line Text Label, which is visible on hard phones and previously visible in the Jabber interface.

  • Kenneth Meeuwse commented
    26 Sep, 2022 02:52pm

    Users converting from Jabber are expecting it to appear there.

  • Kenneth Meeuwse commented
    26 Sep, 2022 02:52pm

    For consistency, it should be displayed in the lower left of the main window, where it shows WHEN you have more than one Line. Just "one line". (At least)

  • Guest commented
    26 Sep, 2022 02:41pm

    It would be great if the user's phone number was also shown on the dialpad tab and in the Webex dialing plugin to MS Teams, preferably with the E.164 mask. MS Teams shows the user E.164 number on the phone tab below the dialer.

  • Admin
    Ryan Li commented
    20 Sep, 2022 06:32am

    on Webex app 42.10, you'll be able to see your work number in your profile page(clicking self avatar you'll get there).