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Speaker phone button / audio device presets

Many of our users have a USB speakerphone as well as a headset, or wish on occasion to use the laptop mic/speakers instead of the headset, and would like the ability to easily switch between devices. Ideally this would be possible using a single click as was the case with IP Communicator with the preset handset, headset and speaker options.

Currently this requires several clicks within the call or the settings to switch both headset and microphone independently to the new device and is prone to error by choosing the wrong device.

Use case is where someone is having a call using the headset, but asks someone else to come into their office to participate and wants to put the call onto a speakerphone. This currently takes 4 clicks when in a call (audio dropdown, speaker choice, audio dropdown, microphone choice) and is prone to error when there are many devices listed that are not relevant, e.g. monitors.

This functionality previously existed in IP Communicator.

  • James Wilkinson
  • May 11 2022