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Add option to deselect UDS service on Service Activation page - per server

On a fully populated Call Manager cluster (8 subscriber servers) or supercluster, Jabber/WebexApp is given the full list of UDS service URLs on a rotating basis from which to connect.

It may not be desirable to have these clients using the

User Data Services

service on CM servers that acting solely as Publisher, TFTP, or VMSA/MOH function.

Since the complete UDS server availability list is given to the client, and rotated for load balancing, the client may end up connecting to the first member of that list, which may be a dedicated Publisher, TFTP, or VMSA/MOH server.

One can manually stop the UDS service after server restart, on the Serviceability > Tools > Network Services page on an individual server basis, but there is no option on the Service Activation page to deselect this, or other Network specific CM Services from starting up on a particular server restart, even if the Call Manager Feature Service itself is deactivated.

Ideally the UDS service would be activated, and announced to the clients on admin selected servers only, generally the (8) subscriber servers, or whichever servers are selected for resilience as a list for the clients.

It might also be useful to provide selection boxes on the Service Activation page for the other "CM Services" section, related Network services, so they can be made to start up or not start up on particular cluster member servers from the Service Activation page ...

Extension Mobility Application
Change Credential Application
Push Notification Service

... if the overhead of these services is not needed on function-dedicated servers, i.e. Publisher, TFTP, or VMSA/MOH dedicated and having no Call Manager service function.

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  • May 26 2022