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Update call transferring to show original caller before end user picks up

Update call signaling to display caller ID of the caller, and not the person transferring upon the transfer being completed, and not wait for the called device to answer

  • Jake Panzer
  • Jun 3 2022
  • Will not implement
  • Sean McQuade commented
    10 Feb, 2023 03:25am

    Also seeing this issue after migrating from Jabber. Jabber updated the caller ID as soon as caller B completes the transfer (even if it’s mid-ringing). Webex doesn’t.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jan, 2023 07:59pm

    The blindXfer softkey resolves this isssue and the far end sees the original callerID. It would be great if the Transfer key updated the callerID once the originator completes the transfer (during the ring).

  • Freddy Tabet commented
    27 Dec, 2022 05:24pm

    Thank you Sanjay for your follow up comments!

    I forgot to mention in my original comment, that User B presses Transfer, extension and then transfer again, thus completing the consult transfer. If user C didn't answer, the missed call appearing on user C's desk is User B's caller ID and not User A.

  • Admin
    Sanjay Sinha commented
    24 Dec, 2022 11:55am

    That's the way consult transfer works. Unless the transferor completes the transfer, there is not information available on the 2nd leg to update the caller-id information with the connected party. The use case above will be met when transferor completes transfer which the transfer-target is ringing. The very essence of consult transfer is to ensure that the transfer target is available before completing the transfer.

  • Freddy Tabet commented
    3 Nov, 2022 06:17pm

    I have a similar issue. Let's say User A called into a company and User B Answered. User B wants to transfer the call to User C.
    User B attempts the transfer but for some reason User C doesn't answer.
    When User C return to their desk, they find a missed call from User B and not User A.

  • Tracy Gilman commented
    8 Aug, 2022 10:35pm

    On behalf of Sanjay Sinha,

    Can you please explain in detail the call flow of the transfer operation?

    Call transfer operation is:
    a) Initial Call Leg is active between user A & User B
    b) User A wants to transfer user B to User C
    c) User A puts call leg with user B on hold, dials User C's number
    d) User A gets notification that User C is alerting. User C has not answered yet
    e) User A completes transfer
    f) Caller-Id on User C should be updated to show User B's number

    If this is not happening, it is a defect. Please work with TAC to open a defect