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disable call waiting beep while on the phone

Our receptionist all ring simultaneously and after they pick up a call they are constantly bombarded with call waiting tones in their ear while trying to speak to patients. there should be an option to disable this audible beeping

  • Guest
  • Jun 10 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Joseph Dean commented
    17 Apr 07:11pm

    please reach out to me... if you can show me how to fix...we use 8841,8851,&8865 cisco phones

  • Admin
    Basant Kumar Basavaraj commented
    17 Apr 07:05pm

    The call waiting tone is generated locally by the device/client itself. Request @Kareem Rifaat to comment on this.

  • Guest commented
    17 Apr 06:06pm

    Business/Dev team, why is there no response to this? Please feel free to beep the phone, or place a pop up within the Webex App, but stop beeping the headset. Please realize who is paying for this system, and develop for the actual users of it.

  • Joseph Dean commented
    12 Mar 03:51pm

    Once again the beeeping is becoming to the point that we may go with a different company....

  • Joseph Dean commented
    17 Jan 09:28pm

    PLEASE FIX THIS....never had this issue with call manager

  • Manikandan .i commented
    18 Dec, 2023 09:11pm

    We really need an option to disable this beeping while call waiting, we are getting a lot of complaints from customer about this issue. This needs to be fix soon.

  • Joseph Dean commented
    30 Oct, 2023 12:32pm

    I really hope this gets fixed chops out some of the convo bc of the beeping

  • JEFFREY CORNISH commented
    20 Sep, 2023 03:02pm

    This really needs to be fixed so that people and users/clients/patients are not annoyed.

  • Kim Stowe commented
    18 Jul, 2023 05:46pm

    Need an option to disable the beep when a call comes in without turning call waiting off all together.

  • Katie Schwitters commented
    18 Jul, 2023 04:39pm

    Users are annoyed with the beeping in the ear for the new call waiting alert. Please make a setting to turn the beep off.

  • Stephen Lusk commented
    18 Jul, 2023 04:35pm

    Either allow in the desk phone settings to disable the beep or allow the user to turn the beep volume down.

  • Marc Haycook commented
    30 May, 2023 11:49am

    This has 8 votes in less than a year and not many people know about this process. How many votes does it take to get a feature implemented?