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Benefits of Custom Candle Labels

There are many benefits of custom candle labels. You can be creative and add personal touches that no other candle company can provide. Candle labels can be elegant and classy, or they can be limited editions associated with a holiday or theme. They can be great surprise gifts or even start your own business. Below, you will learn some of the benefits of custom candle labels. You can even make your own candles and label them with the custom labels you create.


Depending on the theme of your candles, colors of custom candle labels can be anything from red to green. The color of the candle itself may also dictate the label color. If your candle has a sweet scent, choose a candy-colored label. A coffee-scented candle should have a label with a dark espresso bean color. You can also use a combination of colors, such as orange and black. Once you've chosen a color scheme, decide on a font and design.

Candle labels can be printed on premium adhesive paper or waterproof vinyl, and come in different shapes and sizes. Squares and circles work well, but you can also use shapes that are related to your logo, such as hexagons or stars. Whatever shape you choose, make sure to unwind your creative side when choosing colors for your labels. You can even create limited edition labels tied to specific holidays or special themes. And don't forget about the warning labels! You can incorporate them into your candle designs however you like.


There are numerous ways to customize your candle labels, but perhaps the most obvious is choosing a unique shape for your product. While round and square shapes are fine, you may be more interested in a unique hexagon or eight-sided star. Whatever shape you choose, the right candle label will speak to your brand. Here are a few tips for selecting a shape that will attract attention and be remembered. And remember that it doesn't have to be expensive.

First, determine what size and shape your candle label should be. While you can opt to have your labels cut to size, it is important to remember that these labels will need a corresponding adhesive. You can choose to use waterproof vinyl or premium adhesive paper to create a custom label that matches your candle's shape. Cut-to-size labels can be individually cut into squares or rectangles. Standard labels come in standard sizes, while custom candles will need a custom size. You can order as many or as few as you need. The order quantity can range from 25 to 100,000 pieces. Unless you need more than a few hundred labels, you can have your custom candle labels ready in one business day.


A custom candle labels requires a high level of durability and heat resistance. For this reason, thick BOPP materials and acrylic adhesives are recommended. Other factors to consider include the application surface and the process of applying the label. Candle wax has a different surface energy than glass, and the adhesive used will need to be resistant to this surface energy. There are also differences between hand and machine application methods, and the unwind direction of the label will affect the overall durability and application.

There are several types of candle labels available. You can choose from cut-to-size labels and roll-mounted labels. Both types of labels can be cut to fit different containers. These labels are also available in standard sizes, as well as custom sizes. Depending on the type of label you need, you can order a minimum of 25 labels and have them shipped to you in a single business day. These labels can also be cut to fit specific shapes, such as squares and rectangles.


When it comes to choosing the right place for your custom candle labels, the shape of the container is important. You will need to consider where to place the lettering, as well as the size of the font. The lettering should be large enough to contain all of the information you need, while still leaving enough room for graphics. The font should be legible, and it should contrast well with the background. Regardless of the font you choose, make sure the placement works with other components of the label. Consider the size and spacing of each character. Also, think about negative space around the text.

As far as label placement goes, the most common spot is on the side of the candle. Placements on the underside are also popular for labeling, but these are typically small and do not provide enough room to convey the brand's message. Another great place to place a label is on the container lid. The lids of candle containers offer even more room for branding. As a result, these lids can also be used for more information, such as contact information.


Candle labels come in various materials. For example, premium adhesive paper and waterproof vinyl are available for candle labels. You can choose between cut-to-size and roll labels, which are each individually cut into rectangles or squares. Cut-to-size labels are more suitable for small label projects, such as handing out to customers. On the other hand, roll candle labels are printed on a roll and do not require peeling the backing before application. This makes them more practical for high-volume applications.

BOPP films are the most popular and versatile material used for labeling candles. They feature high durability and heat resistance, while also being sturdy and fatigue-resistant. Moreover, you can choose from clear, metallic, or white BOPP options. They can be custom-made according to your specifications. But keep in mind that paper is not as durable as BOPP. If you want a low-cost option for your labels, paper is recommended.

  • Mathew jaxson
  • Jun 13 2022